Fiar to provide creditEl Banco le fio hasta cien mil pesetas.The financial institution gave him 100 thousand pesetas’ credit. ▲ to sell on trust, promote on creditHoy no se fia mañana sí.Cash right now, credit tomorrow. ° fiarse de to belief, rely onNo me fío de lo que dice.I don’t trust what he says. ° ser de fiar to be trustworthyEse hombre no es de fiar.That man’s to not be trusted. Escurrir to wringEscurra bien esa ropa antes de tenderla.Wring these garments well before you grasp them up.

Which at this level we know it’s not that easy. And I think this is considered one of modifications made, Bcs of the audience. To add entries to your own vocabulary, become a member of Reverso neighborhood or login if you are already a member. To wait faithfully, and to reside courageously, in your salvation to be fully revealed.

° los demás, las demás others, the others, the restEsperemos a los demás.Let’s wait for the others. ° por demás too, too muchEso es por demás.That’s an excessive amount of. ° por lo demás aside from this, as to the restPor lo demás me parece bien.Aside from this, it appears all proper to me. ° todo lo demás every little thing else. Caso caseHa habido varios casos de parálisis infantil.There have been several cases of infantile paralysis.

° de todas maneras at any rateDe todas maneras iremos.In any case we’ll go. ° en cierta manera in a wayEn cierta manera, tiene Ud. ° maneras mannersNo tiene buenas maneras.He hasn’t received good manners. ° no hay manera de there’s no way toNo hay manera de traducirlo.There’s no approach to translate it. Lucir [-zc-] to shine, glitter, sparkleLas joyas ludan en sus dedos.The jewels glittered on her fingers. ▲ to wear, present offSe empeñó en lucir su traje nuevo.She insisted on sporting her new dress.

▲ off-color, risqueNos contó un chiste escabroso.He advised us an off-color story. Enojar to angerLa suspensión del espectáculo enojó al público.The public was angered by the suspension of the show. ° enojarse to get angryEnojándose no arreglará nada.Nothing will be gained by getting angry. Enlodarse to get muddyLas ruedas se enlodaron completamente.The wheels got all muddy. ° enfadarse to get angryNo hay motivo para enfadarse.There’s no cause to get offended.

(a él, a ellos, etc).I’m giving it to you . ▲ to every other, to one anotherSe escriben todos los días.They write to one another daily. ▲ Se construyó una casa.▲ home was built. Rodear to encompass, encircleEl río rodeaba la ciudad.The river surrounded the town. —La casa está rodeada de árboles.The house is surrounded with trees.

° a ratos perdidos in a single’s spare timeLeía a ratos perdidos.He read in his spare time. ° pasar el rato to whereas away the time, move the time away. ° pasar un buen rato to have a great time. ▲ to sliceHay que rajar el melón.The melon must be sliced. ° rajarse to crackEl cristal del reloj se rajó.My watch crystal cracked.

Raíz rootEste árbol tiene las raices muy hondas.This tree has very deep roots. Público public¿Hay aquí un teléfono público? ▲ public; audienceEl público estaba impaciente.The audience was impatient. Procurar to tryProcuraré llegar al teatro a tiempo.I’ll try to get to the theater on time.

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